The Leighs Village HallThe Leighs Village Hall

Vandalism and Anti-Social Behaviour

The summer months bring challenges to the Village not least those that revolve around the young adults and teenagers  who have little to do except chat with their peers on the village green or in the village hall car park. Whilst the majority behave themselves, there are a few who do not understand or even care about  the responsibilities that village life brings. There has been much speculation about the installation of gates to the entrance of the village hall car parks and whilst this may have a beneficial impact upon late night unauthorised parking, it would serve no useful purpose during the  hours when the hall is open and being used by hirers.  The most recent misbehaviour has occurred in the early summer evenings and whilst there is CCTV covering some areas it is not always possible to catch culprits throwing glass bottles. I would like to appeal to parents of these young people and to ask them if they know what their offspring  are getting up to on these warm summer evenings. I think they may  be surprised!!

There has been damage to the roof tiles of the village hall due mainly from impact by footballs and whilst signs have been erected to prohibit such activity it is often ignored and it is not the role of the council of management committee to police this area 24/7. As a community we have to rely upon villagers and village  children in  complying with these simple rules for the benefit of all users of the hall and car park.

Signed: Stuart Wilson (Chairman)

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