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Annual Xmas Tree Event – Wed 20th Dec 2017 from 7pm

Please click the link to see details of this year’s Christmas Tree and Carol Singing event.

Change of Booking Secretary

Hi to all our readers!!

I am pleased to confirm that Anne Scott will be  resuming the booking secretary’s role during November. Thank you Anne.

She can be contacted on 01245 361481, or through the village hall email  address leighsvillagehall

Stuart Wilson (Chairman)

Vandalism and Anti-Social Behaviour

The summer months bring challenges to the Village not least those that revolve around the young adults and teenagers  who have little to do except chat with their peers on the village green or in the village hall car park. Whilst the majority behave themselves, there are a few who do not understand or even care about  the responsibilities that village life brings. There has been much speculation about the installation of gates to the entrance of the village hall car parks and whilst this may have a beneficial impact upon late night unauthorised parking, it would serve no useful purpose during the  hours when the hall is open and being used by hirers.  The most recent misbehaviour has occurred in the early summer evenings and whilst there is CCTV covering some areas it is not always possible to catch culprits throwing glass bottles. I would like to appeal to parents of these young people and to ask them if they know what their offspring  are getting up to on these warm summer evenings. I think they may  be surprised!!

There has been damage to the roof tiles of the village hall due mainly from impact by footballs and whilst signs have been erected to prohibit such activity it is often ignored and it is not the role of the council of management committee to police this area 24/7. As a community we have to rely upon villagers and village  children in  complying with these simple rules for the benefit of all users of the hall and car park.

Signed: Stuart Wilson (Chairman)

Village Hall AGM 5th June 2017

The Council of Management will be holding their AGM on Monday 5th June 2017 in the RCCE hall from 8.15 pm

Leighs Charity afternoon 30th April 2017

Leighs Charity afternoon is being held on the village green and hall car park on the afternoon of Sunday 30th April 2017. Please click the link below to see view the flyer where more detailed information is given

Dog show flyer

Leighs Educational Charity

Please click link to view information about Leighs Educational Charity.

Try Rugby Tots in Great Leighs Village Hall!!

Rugby Tots Flyer

Village Bookswap

If you live in or near Great Leighs you might be interested in a new book swap initiative that is planned for the front lobby of the village hall.

During November we will introduce the book swap which will be available whenever the hall is open ( which is more or less daily, during term times.) You will be free to take any book and all we ask is that you either return the book or replace it with another. Please try it and tell your friends and family.

Lockdales, Premier Coin Dealers & Auctioneers of Collectables

Lockdales are holding their event on Thursday 22nd September 2016 in the RCCE Hall at Leighs Village Hall.

Village Hall – Trespass issues

We would like to bring to the attention of users of the hall and parents that we have recently seen an increase in damage to the hall property and trespass onto the roof by young people playing football in and around the car park and adjacent village green.

Whilst every attempt has been made to dissuade youngsters from climbing onto the roof to retrieve footballs and using the hall walls as  “goal mouths” , it is becoming an increasing problem and there is concern that an accident could happen, with serious consequences to the individuals. We would like to implore parents of children who use the field for football practice to remind them of the dangers of climbing onto roofs and of course the potential impact damage caused by constantly kicking a football against the fabric of the building. Your co-operation in trying to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated as it would be a shame to see our lovely hall deteriorate or be associated with a serious incident.

If your child needs to retrieve a “lost” football on the inner flat roof area then please contact the caretaker on 07873 728140 or email  “” and we will arrange to have the item returned.

Stuart Wilson (Chairman)

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